An Important Message About How We're Helping in the Coronavirus Efforts

Our entire team is sending thoughts and prayers out to everyone affected by the Coronavirus. This virus is not just affecting people, but affecting homeless animals on the street, as well as pets in shelters and pets of people that sadly lost their lives to this horrific pandemic. Thus, we're committed more than ever this year, to helping shelters and rescues in need. We're receiving information that people who think their animals can make them sick with the virus, which is not true, are dropping them off at shelters, totally abandoning them. This must stop. We must get the word out from the CDC, that pets cannot contract the virus. In no time in recent history have so many animals been in dire need, as they are now. We need drastic measures immediately.


With that said, since our inception in 2006, we have never solicited the public for financial support of National Puppy Day, however, funds normally available from partners that support this day, have been severely impacted due to the Coronavirus shutdowns. In times like this, animals are left behind when human lives are stake, so the need for rescue and advocacy is tenfold at this time. We would appreciate your financial support of our efforts, while not tax deductible, your financial gift will assist us in continuing our mission to educate about the horror of puppy mills and promote the importance of adoption of abandoned puppies in need, during this critical time in history. It will also allow us to assist in purchasing wishlist items for shelters and rescues in dire need who come to us for help. We are also happy to leverage partnerships with businesses that are able to provide much needed supplies for shelters and rescues coast to coast. Please contact us if you have interest and are able to help. If you are a shelter or rescue in need of supplies or exposure for puppies in your care, please reach out and message us on Facebook.


Our goal right now, is to raise sufficient funds by late summer/early fall (when things will be much worse) to build a free section of this website to enable shelters and rescues to create their own profiles and the ability to upload and delete photos and bios of puppies in need of a furever home. Our hope is that NationalPuppyDay.com will become the quintessential "one stop" adorable place to adopt an orphaned puppy. Please help us and the millions of homeless puppies in the country, to see this dream come to fruition. You will be helping to keep National Puppy Day, which has helped to save millions of puppies around the globe...alive and thriving. We are also planning to implement this same program for National Cat Day, National Dog Day and other holidays that save animals. Thank you so much for your support!


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Puppies are the most trusting and joyous creatures on the planet.
Oh, to be more like a puppy.
Colleen Paige

{founder of National Puppy Day}

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